Letter to Jehovah

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thankyou for all the wonderful things in my life, for my wonderful family and my good friends. They are always there for me when I need them and without them, it would be harder to develop my qualities of compassion, generosity and kindness. Even though life can be hard sometimes, I thank you every day for providing other human beings with which to share the burden.

Please help me develop my friendly, outgoing nature so that I can connect with others and share the love that flows through my heart. A love which has no beginning and no end and which pervades every minuscule particle of the universe. A living breathing love which ignites the fire in my soul and helps me to realise the reality and superlative splendour of God.

Thankyou for providing such a magnificent world on which to live and thrive. Every day that I have the opportunity to observe its beauty and magnificence, is a day I am thankful for. I am overwhelmed by the smallest examples of your divine intelligence and I am made speechless by the myriad ways you have found to express the sublime symbiosis of order and chaos. If I lived for 10 trillion years, it would be barely enough time to scratch the surface of your magnificent creation.

Please help me develop my curiosity for nature and help me understand more of it each day. Help me realise its true beauty and meaning and help me value it as it is cherished by you.

Thankyou for all the hardship and suffering and all of the imperfections and disappointments in life. THese are my greatest teachers. These are the catalytic forces which bring me closer to you and strengthen my faith in your wise, divine and perfect sovereignty. If I did not know pain, I would not know pleasure and if I did not know the insecurity of lacking faith, then I would not the indescribable joy of believing wholeheartedly in you. If I did not know loss and despair, then I would not also know what it is to hold someone you love tightly in your arms and feel their beating heart.

Even though I know it will be difficult, rearing our daughter, I know that with your guidance and love, everything will fall into place. We never really know what is going to happen tomorrow or even in the next moment, but my faith is strong and every dark cloud makes it stronger still.

As I believe in you, please stay close by my side, dear lord. In your beloved son, I offer this heartfelt prayer. As he is the light and the life, may my life be made meaningful and may the Lords light that shines in my heart pervade all of creation, lifting all beings out of darkness and into the radiant light.