Law of attraction

Here one of our party asked what power or force our thoughts and words had upon our lives. She held out her hand and in a moment a small object was lying in it. She said, “Let me drop this pebble into this bowl of water. You see that the vibrations caused by the pebble’s coming in contact with the water radiate from that center in ever-widening circles until they reach the rim of the bowl, or outer edge of the water; where, to the eye, they seem to lose their force and stop. What really happens is this. As soon as the vibrations have reached the limits of the water, they start on their return journey back to the place where the pebble entered the water; and they do not tarry until they reach that center. This exactly represents every thought or word we think or speak. The thought or ward sets in motion certain vibrations that go out and on, in ever-widening circles, until they compass the universe. Then they return as they went forth, to the one that sent them out. Every thought or word we think or speak, be it good or bad, returns to us as certainly as we send it forth. This returning is the Day of Judgment spoken of in your Bible. `Every day will be a day of judgment thereof.’ The judgment will be good or evil, just as the word or thought sent out is good or evil. Every idea is sent out, planted in the soul (held in mind), becomes a conception later to be brought forth or expressed in physical form. thoughts or ideas of perfection bring forth perfection; thoughts or ideas of imperfection bring forth imperfection.

This exert was taken from

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East vol. 1

by Baird T. Spalding