Dream Insight – Permanent Happiness

THE DREAM: I was tempted by a feast of delicious food and ended up gorging myself on it. In the end it lead to a lot of suffering because of the pain it caused.

INSIGHT: Throughout 28 years of life, having satisfied millions of desires, lasting happiness has not been found. If this was the case, I would be permanently happy right now. The finding is that satisfying any desire which is based on the six sense organs is not capable of bringing lasting happiness. The object of desire is impermanent, the desire itself is impermanent and finally, the sensual pleasure arising from satisfying the desire is impermanent. The primary delusion which convinces one to repeatedly seek out sensory pleasures is that they will truly bring lasting happiness and also result in a permanent cessation of suffering.

QUESTION: What then, does lead to lasting happiness and the cessation of suffering?